A Prenatal Test Shouldn’t Determine a Life

Self-confident sinners cannot stand not knowing—thinking a test (just awareness) is almost as good as a cure. But this craving for omniscience is lustful ambition for God’s role and authority. We are not made to be know-it-alls, overlords of the future, but trust in the Father’s care. Christ’s Word reveals that we have a loving Father who provides our daily bread. The drive to determine tomorrow’s outcomes is deadly. It is not far removed from sorcery and the satanic art of fortune telling, though it is couched in very scientific terms. The womb is to be a safe place for children, though it is today one of the most dangerous—in the name of medicine and parent’s love. But love is not conditional—based on tests and the word of people who are often wrong.
A child is a holy gift—God’s own created gift. To want good things for a child is not wrong, but parents are not the creator of life—though they are too often the destroyer of the Father’s gifts of babies. Health and worldly success do not increase their worth. The same Baptism which grants forgiveness and eternal life is distributed for all. A gift is to receive with thanks. —ed.