College Life: Unmoored from Society

College campuses have their own culture, but one unmoored from the broader society. In some ways they are the incubators of modern radical thought and indicators of where the society is headed. They are bastions of radical idealism, precisely because college life is disconnected from families, work, and the earning of the money that pays for all the nice and leisurely lifestyle college life affords—all the things that hold a society together.

Education and learning are good, but academics can be an atheistic thought-experiment, with no basis in reality. Young people are indoctrinated very easily into an immoral life—whether of deed or thought. To trust blindly any college institution, even a “Lutheran” one, to form a youth into a mature adult is foolhardy.

Despite the college bubble and worship of a college education by parents and the world, a degree is still necessary in many fields, even to be a pastor. But children must be prepared for all the problems and temptations they present. It is a battlefield, not just a fun time without responsibility. –ed.