Abortion: A Doctrine of Demons

The 21 minute documentary is worth viewing. It is quite chilling. One clip is of a woman who claims to be a Roman Catholic who goes to church every Sunday, but admits with glee: “I murdered my baby”; “I know I killed my baby.”

The clip of a female pastor blessing of an abortion clinic, and saying how God will work blessings, even quoting Scripture in support, through abortions, is also almost too evil to imagine. The pastor in a clerical shirt and a colorful stole concludes with “God bless you, keep on doing what your doing.”

It is said in this documentary that the satanic doctrine is complete autonomy over one’s own body. If so, then the American ideal and view of unrestrained personal freedom is satanic to the highest degree—to think of oneself as a god. It is certainly of Satan. I recommend this video for adults, though it is not suitable for most children. –ed.