Professors Profess: An Update on CUW

Rev Gregory P Schulz, DMin, PhD

What’s the point?

Professors profess. To paraphrase a popular online commercial, “If you’re a professor, professing is just what you do!” Professing means speaking up for capital-T Truth — especially when other people are trying to shut you up or cancel you or are denying that there is any such thing as The Truth.

That’s Point #1.

The obvious next question is, “Okay, but what exactly do you profess as a pro-fessor?” As a university professor who is a confessional Lutheran thinker as well as a divinely-called pastor, my vocation is to profess capital-T Truth in the Person and verbatim words of Jesus the Messiah who says, “I am … The Truth … No one comes to the Father except through Me.” I am only a clay pot, but by God’s grace alone I am brimming with substantial intellectual and CHRISTian content. “To whom much has been given…”

That’s Point #2.

Here’s Point #3.

Through my work at LUTHERAN PHILOSOPHER I promised to help you with “Clear, Crucial, CHRISTian Thinking” for yourself and for your conversations with your fellow human beings. During our most recent Zoom Conversation about language I compared Wokeism with the historical judgment of God at the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11) and with the fictional “doom of gibberish” at Belbury in CS Lewis’s novel That Hideous Strength.

Naturally enough, since Lewis’s novel is about education — in his Preface Lewis writes that the novel is “about devilry, though it has behind it a serious ‘point’ which I have tried to make in my Abolition of Man” [which is about the problem with modern education] — participants in our Zoom-versation asked about “my situation” at my university.

My short response was to confirm that I am still on suspension and under threat of termination as I have been since the interim president, on his own initiative, suspended and exiled me from campus, from teaching, from my students, and so on in mid-February.

If I’m going to live up to my promise to help folks with “clear, crucial, and CHRISTIAN thinking” I owe everybody a fuller explanation. Here is my best effort at doing what I have promised to do. Here is your link to my fifty-minute video, complete with PowerPoint slides, authoritative texts and clear, crucial thinking about what Wokeism is doing to the means-by-which we are supposed to “do Concordia.” I’ve titled my response to our Q&A about education and the babble of Wokeism,

“CUW Continues Its War on Academic Freedom

While Refusing the Church’s Call to Repent of Its Wokeness.”

You will find the video here:

This is me professing and confessing. Because I am a confessional Lutheran pastor-professor, it’s just what I do.