How Social Justice Became a New Religion

God’s Word tells us that man is a spiritual, worshipping being, made for the true God. False gods fill in the gaps and rule the heart in unbelief. It is not that religion that becomes minimized, but confessional, traditional, organized religions are being replaced with personal, more subjective ones, in the wake of liberalism, individualism, and a failure to take orthodoxy seriously in the first place.
Sinners so often get more righteously (religiously) motivated about new teachings than established, time-tested truth. The activism of today’s woke justice warrior is a version of works righteousness, motivated by a piety reminiscent of emotionally-charged pray-tent revivals. This too will pass, as will all false religions. But we must take the true religion, based upon Christ’s death and resurrection, more seriously than the false believer’s impostor substitutes. Or else we are confessing that the truth of the Lord Christ does not deserve anyone’s attention as the only way to communion with the true God. —ed.