Doctors and Abortion

The move to make abortion a purely medical issue is wrong. To enlist the expertise of doctors is not a moral appeal, however, but one to a supposedly higher authority. It is not as if doctors cannot be wrong about what is right and godly. Being technically proficient is not the same as wisdom and leading by God’s will. A doctor is not a pastor, he is a professional. He has a practical task—to fix the body, not to guide the soul. To place abortion in the private medical category is to evade the real truth of the issue. The trading of one (weak, unborn) life for another’s (comfort of) life is a heinous selfish sin.

Health care implies supporting the body and it’s natural, divine imperatives, according to our creation. Pregnancy carries risks, as do all things in this sinful world, but a baby is a problem in itself. Women were designed to be mothers. Moving the issue under medical oversight removes all moral considerations. But abortion is not a neutral thing. It is not left up to any one person. God does not give up His claim to life, as its author.

The air of scientific authority that medical doctors convey does not change the fundamental commandment: “you shall not murder.” Doctors do not decide the value of a life. There are good, moral doctors and also the opposite. But they are not tasked with leading the conscience or applying God’s Word. –ed.