More Joy in Heaven over Abortion repenters

Abortion is not a logical, thoughtful debate for those promoting it. It is a power-play. Not having a baby is seen as hope and a wide-open future, whereas a baby is painted as the end of the world. Pro-murders can’t imagine a person who has committed murder in the past turning away from it, as a mistake. It is almost like the proponents of abortion are envious he got to exercise the authority to take away a life and not have a baby. But that misses the point of repentance and forgiveness.
I am sure not many days go by where repentant parents don’t think of their child they took off the face of the earth. It is not a thing to celebrate, but a stain of blood on the conscience. Divine forgiveness covers this heavenly guilt. This debate is not a logical problem, but a matter of living before God who creates all life. It is about right and wrong, which is a divine matter, not a matter of sinners being consistent or perfect. Our God is gracious and merciful to forgive sinners. —ed.