Concordia University professor suspended after he wrote article criticizing school as ‘woke’Black students are calling on the university to dismissDr. Gregory Schulz

What has light to do with darkness? If love merely placates and affirms what certain newly “privileged” people want to hear, then Dr. Schulz should go. Why? He does not tell select, chosen people what they want to hear. Are certain skin colors more important than Christ’s Word? No. Outward appearance is not a real, serious argument. It is intimidation and demanding power at any cost. How about we “fire” students who go against the Gospel and want nothing to do with living as a Christian? Is that unthinkable today? Without discipline and exhortation, the truth cannot be preserved very long.
But firing a professor speaking in Christ’s holy name and mandating diversity (enforced intimidation) training does nothing to lead to Christ and true love. God’s Word does not play favorites. No one is privileged above sin when it comes to God and His Word. One’s culture or skin color does not alter God’s Gospel. There can be no compatibility between these two competing religions, nor should there be. —ed.