Multiple Views on Homosexuality: Side A/Side/Side X/Side Y

There are a seemingly limitless number of options for the modern Christian on the issue of homosexuality. Instead of right/wrong, there are often choices that are one/both (side A vs. side B). Notice how technical the language is—how discerning are confessing Christians in their language?
Side B does what is right, giving some credence to Scripture in actions, but encompasses the term “gay believer.” The identity is accepted, so the sin is not declared one of the will or mind, just the body. It becomes simply a rule or work—not the eternal will of God, for the institution of marriage.
Side X (often ruled out by the tender-hearted today for being too harsh) says the impulse itself is wrong and shows that the person’s will is contrary to God. Side Y looks like Side X, except acknowledges the struggle inherent in sin—wrong desires do not completely go away, even when a sinner repents of them and believes in Christ for forgiveness.
The author rules out the traditional, biblical stance because it was basically too hard—it did not feel spiritual. That is lousy reasoning, even though Side A is cited as going against Scripture. Scripture is not allowed to say that feelings are completely wrong, in the end. Complicating a very simple issue is satanic. “Let what you say be simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything more than this comes from evil” (Matt. 5:37). —ed.