Anti-abortion activists want embryos to have ‘rights,’ limiting IVF

Happiness, man’s desires, and the end results do not determine the value of life or the start of human conception. This kind of thinking puts sinners in the place of God. But we are made in God’s image; we don’t have permission to remake life or marriage. While all life is good and divinely created, marriage is something holy and God designed it and marital duty to be the place for children. Children are blessings of the heavenly Father, not rights or products to sought for our own pleasure. IVF (the Latin “in vitro” means “in glass,” that is a test tube) unnaturally detaches children from the body, marriage, and God-given marital act. It also allows for others’ DNA to be used or even third party surrogates, further deforming marriage and its divine institution. Children are not consumable products, but neither are they the Gospel. The Christ child born for all sinners is the only one we should demand and count on. –ed.