Barack Obama Says Women Could Solve Many Of World’s Problems — Which Men Have Caused

The former president made some very startling statements recently. He shows the true end of the race for “equality,” that of destroying families and shaming men, making them seem utterly useless. In making outrageous claims, without any substance of proof, he shows his biases: men serve no purpose if they are better at everything, especially leadership. This is contrary to not only God’s Word, but also nature—God’s creation. It seems like such feminists are promoting women and lifting them up, but in the process they are disrupting God’s order and ruining society.

The real evil is the claim that “kids would be better taken care of.” If the women are leading homes and doing the work of running nations, who takes care of the family? The implicit assumption is that government is best suited to this task. But God gives children to parents to raise and teach personally, not the government whose only real power is to punish. Christianity starts in the home. Love is best taught by father and mother, sacrificing within the one flesh union God’s creates.

The distinct male and female roles God made, and calls Christians to fill in love for Christ, are not harmful, but protective and beneficial to the family. “Monogamy, with its implied headship of man over woman, is an order of creation which God established as a protective dam against the demonic power of sin” (Fritz Zerbst, The Office of Woman in the Church: A Study in Practical Theology).

Christianity starts in the home. Where God’s roles are denied, the family languishes and will not flourish, which means the children will not either. Sin, not men, in general, is the real problem. And godly living, faithfulness in marriage, and morals are best learned within God’s intended structures, starting with the family, in which the man is called to he head.